Personalized Bean Bag Configurator

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How to use the configurator

Border color

To change the border color of the bean bag, you click on the canvas. Below the configurator, you see the current color.
Click the color in order to select your desired color.

Printable canvas

It’s possible to add images (logo’s, pictures, illustrations,…) and text.

use the ‘add images’ button on top of the configurator. Upload your design and adjust to your personal taste.

Use the ‘add text’ button on top of the configurator. Add your text and close the input field. Adjust the text to your personal taste.

You can add our custom designs
Therefor, use the ‘choose from designs’ button on top of the configurator. Adjust the design to your personal taste.

Click the download button  when finished


Bean bag specifications

Material: 100% polyester PU coating verso EPS pearls +-5 kg
Printing: REF 005: Btex 180gr/m² flame retardant
Your imagery is printed on a 159 x 130cm format
Finish: starting from an existing bean bag


Due to our in-house production we can deliver your customizer bean bag
within 10 working days.

Out-house production: the delivery time will be discussed
depending on the order.

Our Fantastic Clients

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